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The story behind Leertouwer

We are almost 60 years old and we want to do it again! 

How it began

It starts as a real boy's story: it's 1961 and Kees Leertouwer starts repairing mopeds in the barn. Everyone knows where to find him, and so a hobby grows into a real company that not only carries out repairs, but also sells all kinds of moped parts.

Later, brother Eize Leertouwer joined the company and took over the business in 1978. Henk van der Horst, also a real moped fanatic, joins up and focuses on new parts and technology.

Leertouwer grows

Things continue to grow. In 1984 and 1987 two warehouses were built to store the ever growing stock of moped parts and used mopeds. Leertouwer is now known as the address for key boys (and girls), because 'for the moped you go to the Molenstraat'. After all, Leertouwer has everything in stock. And they help you there too, because you also get advice when you buy a part.

The van der Horst family

Then Leertouwer moves to the Zuidergracht. Henk van der Horst took over the business in 2001 and his sons joined him in 2003.

Son Joël thinks that father Henk, a real 'Leertouwer senior', will stay on for a while. After all, he is a source of knowledge and experience and in recent years he has handled more than 400 brands of mopeds. You don't just let them go.


Leertouwer is an enthusiastic family business with many years of tradition in supplying all conceivable parts for mopeds and motorbikes worldwide. Fast, because we have almost everything in stock. And handy, because you will always receive appropriate advice for your question or problem. Because we really love the job and have built up a wealth of knowledge and experience that we are happy to help our customers with. 

  • Everything in stock, new and used
  • Fast delivery
  • Reliable
  • Very good service, attention to the customer
  • Quick repairs (because most parts are in stock)
  • Overhaul of parts
  • Bicycles: new and used mopeds, scooters and motorbikes