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All parts for moped and motorbike

Leertouwer supplies new and used moped parts and engine parts for all brands of mopeds and engines.

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Repair and overhaul

Quick repair of your moped or motorbike because parts are in stock. Also overhaul of parts.

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Clothing, gloves and helmets

Clothing, gloves and helmets

Added new search features

26 October 2020

Clothing, gloves and helmets
The new Aprilia RS 660

The new Aprilia RS 660

Powerful motors and 3 flashy designs

14 October 2020

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Now also in English and German

Now also in English and German is now available in multiple languages

13 October 2020


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Leertouwer Bromfietsen B.V.

Everything in stock for mopeds and motors

Leertouwer is an enthusiastic family business with many years of tradition in supplying all conceivable parts for mopeds and motorcycles worldwide. Fast, because we have almost everything in stock. And handy, because you will always get appropriate advice for your question or problem. Because we really love the job and have built up a wealth of knowledge and experience that we are happy to help our customers with.

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